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The study program at STUDIO.WHY consists of two semesters: the 'Basic Track' and the optional 'Advanced Track.' For the duration of their studies, our students work on two days per week in small, multidisciplinary teams where they are supported by experienced DesignThinking coaches. Our study program consists further of our 'Design Thinking Weeks'.

The Basic Track, the first semester at the, provides profound knowledge about the innovation method of Design Thinking. Here our students already have the opportunity to apply Design Thinking in real projects. In the second semester, the Advanced Track, students implement and deepen their acquired knowledge and skills in a 12-week project with partners from business and society.

Successful completion of the Basic Track and the Advanced Track are each certified with a certificate. At STUDIO.WHY the focus is on the team as a whole - therefore evaluations of individual performance are not carried out.

We offer 20 places in the Basic Track and 10 places in the Advanced Track to our applicants each semester. Every year 100+ curious-minded young people from all over the world take part in the programs.



Students can use the valuable Design Thinking skills they have acquired later in their studies and career. HPI D-School training focuses on networked thinking in challenges and solutions. It does this in the supportive mode of “we quality.” Positive surprises and a teaching approach, which emphasizes unlocking personal potential and self-organization, make this intensive time a very important one in preparing participants for a fundamentally changing working world.  

We follow the many paths of our graduates with great interest. A few of our former students have established themselves in the upper echelons of large corporations. Others support the innovation efforts of large and medium-sized companies or social institutions. During their time at the HPI D-School, entrepreneurial ambitions have been awakened in a large number of graduates, which led to their establishing over 20 startups.


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