The modern manager is an entrepreneur!


Feeling your organization needs to keep up with new technologies.
Feeling your organization needs new business models?
Feeling your organization needs an authentic entrepreneurial culture?

Our Management & Trainee Development programs empower your employees with practical in-depth knowledge in design thinking and finally unleash the entrepreneurial mindset of the participants.

The ultimate program starts with a serious game, followed by the d.Learning fast track.



Kees Froeling

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  Corporate   Innovator   Program   In this program we train a team of 5 trainees in your organisation on innovation and let them work together with teams of other organisations.

Innovation EXPEDITON

Imagine... A team of employees of your organization go underground. They take a secret mission, together with their silent leader, to transform the organisation into a entrepreneurial, resilient and adaptive organization. Curiosity will grow, new connections between colleagues will be made and innovation will spread. The corporate mindset changes into an entrepreneurial mindset.

STUDIO.WHY will train them and guide them along the pitfalls of the innovation process. From time to time the innovation team will come overground to inspire and activate other colleagues. Read this article (in Dutch).

  Serious Game   During one day the management trainees form multidisciplinary teams that work as a startup. While playing the game, they participate in mini masterclasses, can speak with several stakeholders and will pitch their concepts a dragons' den.

Innovation GAMES

During an innovation game participants get their first experiences with design thinking. The gamified program helps to accelerate learning and guarantees a sustainable skillset. At the end of the game participants get feedback on skills, mindset and behavior. This way they benefit at most, in order to practice those competences during an Innovation Expedition as the next step.

  • One-Five days
  • Multidisciplinary teams (4-6 persons per team)
  • Masterclasses to support the process
  • Coaching and in-game roleplay by customers, investors, consultants and futurologists