Our trainee team to kickstart your change?

Benefit from our graduates

The graduates of the Dutch design.school are professional business designers. Multidisciplinary teams of designers at STUDIO.WHY create market insights, leading offerings and new businesses for your organization.

What will we do?

  • Our multidisciplinary teams work on your cases, either fulltime or parttime.
  • A design sprint usually takes 4 weeks up to 6 months.
  • Our teams work with the Dutch Design Deltas.
  • Our teams help clients to identify and develop new growth options within existing brands.
  • Design new business models that enhance and extend consumer experiences while creating new opportunities for income.
  • Design new products, services, and consumer experiences that differentiate the company from its competition.
  • Create compelling new value propositions for customers.
  • (Re)design organizational structures, strategic assets, and operating models to help the company drive its own innovation.
  • Design new ventures that creates new income potential for the business.

Examples of design sprints

For a catering service we designed the concept of a new school restaurant, compliant to the wishes of the students as well as the catering service.

For a watership we designed a concept that tells the story and history of the waterschip. Also we designed several concepts using brown data, obtained by measuring the sewer system, to deliver awareness to young adults about healthy living.

For an office automation company we created insights about the way business travelers want to collect and duplicate information while being on the road. 



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