It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change!
— Darwin

Our beliefs

To create value beyond our safe bubble, real-world engagement is unavoidable. We continually have to look around us, to see, hear, feel and understand what is going on and what is meaningful to the people around us. We need to team up with others, combine our strengths, use different views and experiment our way forward.

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Youth empowerment with the Innovation Games

Innovation Games is a powerful tool to provide the creativity and engagement needed for a team to innovate. Through a design thinking process participants get connected, understand the complex reality in which they live, raise ideas and insights, prototype actions and search for supporters to help implementing it. In this case, the game's greater goal is to give communities the means to address what really matters to them.

Inspiration and innovation can come from anywhere. That is why we offer opportunities to young people in communities, they can become an asset to their own region and become the future change makers of our world.

Video: Innovation Games Brazil - Silva Jardim ‘19

Good being in a group, being out of my comfort zone, learning about myself, having contact with different people and to be part of a bigger network to make things happen.”
— Rafael (participant Innovation Games)


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