STUDIO.WHY - Germany

Meet Ina!

Ina set up STUDIO.WHY Germany in 2018 in the Hamburg/Lübeck region.
Together with the German STUDIO.WHY community, she aims to initiate a change in how people and organisations innovate today and helps these to develop a mindset that is always ready to challenge the status quo, that spots opportunities, translates these into value for others and that actively drives sustainable innovations with (social) impact.

Ina is currently on the look-out for innovative talents and future change makers that seek to participate in this.



STUDIO.WHY Germany is active in the centre of Hamburg.


Upcoming events

From 23-25 September 2019 the Fast Track Design Thinking will start!

This program is designed for people that aim to learn and experience design thinking but don't have time to spend on a four-months innovation expedition.

In three days, facilitated by experienced coaches, you take a deep dive into the method design thinking and you discover what it needs to sow a culture that fosters innovation & entrepreneurship.

During the varied course you and your team thoroughly work through all phases of the design thinking process, using a real-life case. This practical experience is complemented by specific master classes on several topics, like culture of innovation, customer empathy as well as exercises for personal reflection.


Contact Ina Rabouw

+49 4531 8941 356