Culture of Innovation


It's all about an entrepreneurial mindset!.

Innovative organisations are always on the move. They cannot afford to sit back and leave everything the same: “It’s business as usual, we’ve been doing this for the past 20 years.” By following the status quo, many organisational cultures run an undesirable aging risk. Outdated and ingrained routines keeps people from innovating.

The ability of an organisation to innovate stands or falls with the organizational culture. A culture that encourages personal initiative, risk and decision making, and acceptance of failure. To create this culture of innovation, organisations need a new form of leadership and mindset.

Our development programs offer disruptive opportunities to change your organisational culture and at the same time generate new products and/or services for your on-going business. Our Dutch design.thinking methodology empowers people to collaboratively recognize valuable opportunities and create this with sustainable impact.


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