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Driven by exponential technological & digital growth and an exponential decrease of natural resources, the world is becoming a more complex system than it has ever been. Economic and social systems will no longer follow the linear but a circular pattern.

This new complex world requires new entrepreneurial leaders
equipped to lead in this fast-changing environment.

Talents with vision, talents with passion, talents with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Talents, not just focused on the outcome but exploring contexts, valuing the process, experimenting and daring to fail.
Talents with courage, believing in possibilities and valuing multiple perspectives.
Talents spirited to create sustainable economic and social systems.

Our mission is threefold:

Business Design & Societal Design
by Talent Design






We are a community of unruly young creative leaders,
challenging the way organizations should be managed.

Meet our crew of unruly young creative leaders:


Bas Antonis


Mariëtte Huizinga


Benjo van den Boogaard


Michiel Bloemendaal


Kees Froeling


Rex Bierlaagh


Lindsy Szilvasi


Ina Rabouw


Marcella van Eijndhoven


Mark Herberts


Design Thinking



Design Thinking

"Design Thinking is a human centered, creative approach to problem solving. One that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions tailored to meet their needs" - Tim Brown, IDEO

Design Thinking brings together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. It draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning – abilities we all have but get overlooked by other problem-solving practices – to explore possibilities of what could be and to create desired outcomes that benefit end-users.

Dutch Design Deltas

At Dutch design.school we use the Design Thinking methodology 'Dutch Design Deltas' to guide you through the essential steps of Design Thinking.

Our methodology is based on the intuitive workflow process of a designer. Teams are led through iterative loops which take the participants through the three main levels of a startup.

The Dutch Design Deltas offer an even balance between creative and analytical methods.


Customer Design

Customer design.png

Concept Design

concept design.png

Business Design

business design.png

The game elements in our programs motivate teams to (re)define the real problem and formulate the solution with a greater sense of adventure. Different perspectives and experiences consciously flow into the solution process.





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