Our Dutch offers training programs in Dutch design.thinking. Become a better version of yourself by developing your innovational & entrepreneurial mindset and competencies. The Dutch design.thinking mindset, process, tools and techniques empower you to collaboratively develop human-centred solutions to complex contemporary challenges.

With traineeships, internships and innovation games our Dutch offers a unique opportunity to kick-start your career as a professional and entrepreneurial Design Thinker. 


Successful innovation teams are multidisciplinary, follow a method and work in creative spaces

Events by STUDIO.WHY


The Innovation Games is a one-week program (24/7) for young creative leaders to gain profound insights into the Dutch design.thinking innovation method & mindset and to work together with big organizations as project partners on real life challenges.

Through exploration with sector experts, corporate leaders and major companies, 40 up to 100 young professionals, students and starters will identify needs, frictions and opportunities for real life challenges. With those insights they will develop innovative solutions that will be pitched for the Dragons Den jury during the final presentations. This way the Innovation Games is a social event that equips talents with a new mindset to drive innovation and change.

Due to my experience with STUDIO.WHY I found out that my future is with innovation.

Fleur ten Klei


I never learned so much in just five days and had such a great time!

Olivier Hofman


The Innovation Games are such an amazing concept, I wish everyone could have this experience!

Eva Zelle




Join our traineeship Studio.JOBS and you’ll be working with a multidisciplinary team of innovators to create market leading offerings and new businesses for leading organizations.

The traineeship program is a one- or two-year program for young professionals with 0-3 years of work experience.

Besides working in a corporate innovation team, we will empower you through training and coaching in a wide range of innovation skills, creative leadership, personal entrepreneurship and future themes & technologies.


Once you are on board you will:

  • Help organizations identify and develop new growth options.

  • Design new business models that meet with end-user experiences.

  • Design differentiating products, services, and experiences.

  • Create compelling new value propositions.

  • (Re)design organizational culture.


When I visited STUDIO.WHY for the first time I made a decision: this is what I want to do for the years to come!

Laurie Mabelis


With this traineeship I really can make the difference for young people and the future of our province!

Kalim Rossel


I have learned to think like an entrepreneur! Why this is so important? Seeing opportunities is a must to create human-centric innovations.

Laura Joosse




We believe that young minded people can evolve a positive change in society and make real impact together. We want to contribute to a movement that stands for new values. We help young professionals to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset to make this change happen. Through their community they organise events, workshops and challenges. Will you join us too?


As a member of this community:

  1. you will gain experience in Dutch Design Thinking

  2. increase your network

  3. you learn how to utilise your talents

  4. you contribute to the solution for a variety of (social) challenges

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Michiel Bloemendaal

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