Hamburg, 23-25 September 2019

Empathize with end-users, find deeper insights and learn how to create sustainable, customer-centric solutions for nagging problems in today’s fast changing environments

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Our fast-track in Germany

We offer this three-day training for only €1.800 (excl. VAT).

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Fast-Track Design Thinking: a compact three-day crash course

This program is designed for people that aim to learn and experience design thinking but don't have time to spend on a four-months innovation expedition.

In three days, facilitated by experienced coaches, you take a deep dive into the method design thinking and you discover what it needs to sow a culture that fosters innovation & entrepreneurship.

During the varied course you and your team thoroughly work through all phases of the design thinking process, using a real-life case. This practical experience is complemented by specific master classes on several topics, like culture of innovation, customer empathy as well as exercises for personal reflection.

Wat nog meer?

What is your take-away?

  • Experiencing design thinking (process, tools, methods)

  • Ability to develop need-based solutions for complex problems

  • Deeper empathy and better understanding for end-users

  • Enhancement of your own creative and entrepreneurial capabilities

This program gives you far more than a basic introduction to design thinking, it offers you the possibility to connect and stay in contact with like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs.


How does it work?

This training is designed to introduce the participants to design thinking. During the training we guide you step by step through the different phases of the Dutch design.deltas. The method is based on the intuitive working method of designers and start-ups. It helps to reach quicker results with lower development costs and a stronger focus on customer needs. The bases of this method is the “WHY?”.

The results are impactful solutions for complex challenges and problems.

1. Wake-up/Context Design

In this part, intuition, refection and analysis are key. The participants learn how to dig deep, to see the customers in a new light, to discover the true needs of them (and other stakeholders) and detect the core of the problem.

2. Start-up/Concept Design

This is the creative part of the training the participants learn how to facilitate the ideation process, to transform the central problem into ideas and to convert these in concepts/business models. They learn how to develop prototypes and experiment how to test these with the target group. At the end, the groups prepare a pitch focused on the product/market fit.


For a more detailed overview over the workshop structure, please check out our German Fast-Track Flyer.

Diner design thinking

And last but not least!

The training location is in the centre of Hamburg so that you and your team have the possibility to go out and interview customers for your project. We often provide a real-life case but if you or your company struggle with a specific challenge that you want to find a solution for, please feel free to let us know. Together, we can discuss whether we can use it as an alternative case during the course.

During the training we provide you with lunch, snacks as well as drinks.

The participants and us often meet up privately for dinner as well, as this is a great opportunity to get to know each other even better and talk things through in a relaxed atmosphere.


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Ina Rabouw

Ina Rabouw - design thinking

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