Building a better world together

Do you have the ambition to fight poverty, inequality and climate change? We now have the possibility to do that.  The Netherlands have all assets to become a meaningful player for a green, innovative economy. We have a lot and accessible knowledge, trading spirit, the will to do something and innovational powers. At this moment we have organised and carried out five Innovation Games, where young professionals accept the challenge to thrive for concepts that contribute to solving (sustainable) issues. We strongly believe that these Innovation Games can contribute to issues in those countries where poverty and inequality happen on a large scale. Countries where the potential of their youth is not always fully utilized, while they can have a leading role to boost entrepreneurship and creativity!

By working together and sharing knowledge we can have a positive impact via the Innovation Games and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals! A number of people in our network have stated that they will take this challenge with us. Maybe you want this too. We would like to meet and exchange the possibilities that we see. Maybe it's interesting for you to drop a challenge or are you able to connect with local partners or involve your colleagues? Everything is possible, as long as we keep focuses on our goal: how can we have an impact with local people via design thinking? How can we facilitate those people with tools and/or knowledge so they are empowered to use their energy for innovation and a brighter future?

We organised a meeting that will take place on the evening of december 12 in Utrecht (Central Station). During this meeting we will expore together how we can make these Innovation Games become reality. Do you want to join us? Please contact us now!