The first impression: STUDIO.WHY features DUTCH DESIGN.SCHOOL

STUDIO.WHY embraces Design Thinking! How? By starting the very first Dutch in the Netherlands.

Inspired by Stanford’s, an initiative of the two Kelley brothers, to develop the creative potential of individuals in order to solve complex challenges of corporates and governmental organisations. The Dutch focusses on the development of entrepreneurial talents and generates creative confidence by transforming the individuals through 3 training tracks: d.Learning, d.Practice, d.Jobs.

Marcella and Noralie, two innovation coaches of the Dutch designs.chool, explained to me with a lot of excitement about their program in May 2017. There was so much dedication and motivation to make this a success. Whatever you give attention to grows, right? And that’s exactly what these two entrepreneurial ladies did by developing the first program for the Dutch

The official start-off for the d.Learning track was in October 2017. I remember when I called Marcella right after the first day. Her voice was full of excitement. By giving the participants the right resources, workshop and attention, Marcella was proud to see how the group could unleash their creative potential.

As of November 2017, I participated as an observer. My first impression when I met the
participants was an open mindset and an eagerness to learn. I had rarely seen in my life such a strong connection between the participants. If believe their resiliency, dedication and motivation towards assignments and teamwork is extraordinary.

This had to be related to the way how Design Thinking was taught. My compliments to you Noralie & Marcella!

My first impression. An impression of excitement that leads to become an innovation coach myself. I will be teaching the d.Learning track in March – July 2018! You should see the smile on my face while writing this blog.

Interested to learn more about Design Thinking through this amazing program? Curious what I think? Eager to learn about entrepreneurship and creative thinking? Visit the open day on the 9th of February. From 16:00-19:00 at STUDIO.WHY, Almystraat 14, Oisterwijk.

I can’t wait to meet you!

With passion,