The traineeship experience of Simone


My name is Simone Michielsen. In 2018 I graduated in concept creation & Trend research in Lifestyle at the Academy of creative industries in Tilburg. In my final year I chose to study the sectors of Food & Appearance, this led me to my graduation project named ‘Meat Me Halfway’, which focused on the mix between meat and vegetarian preferences within a dining group. ‘Meat Me Halfway’ received a nomination for the Golden Thesis Award and was therefore showcased at The Dutch Design week in Eindhoven. 

Besides concept development I am passionate about styling and have worked for several films, theatre and television shows. Currently I am trying to start up a vintage webshop. After graduating I had ideas and plans for my career, but no clue where to start. At times I can be quit chaotic and find it difficult to make decisions. When I noticed the vacancy for the STUDIO.WHY traineeship, I was very excited. 

This traineeship is a perfect fit as I get to work on an innovation assignment working with the design thinking method whilst getting support in my personal entrepreneurship. The STUDIO.WHY team helps me to make decisions and plan out the steps I want to take in my career. 

Traineeship Innovation & Entrepeneurship  

I have a well adapted entrepreneurial mind-set, with STUDIO.WHY’s guidance I receive the support needed to further my career. Together with my coaches, we plan on how to reach my goals and make them more achievable by using their knowledge and experience. STUDIO.WHY has a large professional network, which they use to connect me with the right people in the industry. 

I felt welcome when starting the traineeship at STUDIO.WHY, they create a relaxed work environment which made me feel relaxed and at home. The freedom and space the studio provides is stimulating, allowing you to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. 

Housing Crisis in the Netherlands

As my co-workers described in the previous blogposts, we are working on a project to improve the housing situation in the Netherlands. This is a very big assignment, given by the company ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’. We are using a Design Thinking Method to try to find solutions for the housing crisis, considering first time home buyers. This is a very complex issue with a lot of challenges. 

Currently we are halfway completing the project, so far we have designed twelve concept directions, which we present to focus groups to hear opinions. Using the feedback from the focus groups, we take in to consideration their thoughts to improve the concepts. 

Eventually we will narrow down to 4 concepts, which will be presented to ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’. 

Future plans

In October the traineeship will come to an end and we will have given a contribution to reduce the issues for the first time house buyers in the Netherlands. After this traineeship I hope to become self-employed in the sector of concept development. This will probably take place in a different European city, with a current focus on London. Nevertheless I will stay in contact with STUDIO.WHY and hopefully will continue working together in the future. STUDIO.WHY has taught me to think outside the box and take a more creative and diverse career path.