Innovation Games BRAZIL

SILVA JARDIM | 6-11 April 2019


Do you want to develop yourself and make the world a better place…

Organizations and communities need more entrepreneurial skills to tackle the sustainable challenges of our world. Be part of the innovation games in Silva Jardim to join this movement.

We believe in collective action to make Silva Jardim the best sustainable destination where every visitor wants to be. That’s why we are searching for motivated people like you, who want to create a change. We will bring you together in a multidisciplinary team during 6 days. As a team you will learn entrepreneurial skills with an innovative approach to generate practical solutions for Silva Jardim.

That means the following:

  • Immersive program of 6 days from 6 till 11 April 2019 in Silva Jardim

  • With 20 participants with all a different background

  • Divided in 4 teams and each will work one 1 challenge

  • Masterclasses, new connections, energizers, materials and guidance

  • Cool work spot and evening location to be together

Everything is for free, you pay only with your energy & input for Silva Jardim.


What’s in it for you?

You go to work with Silva Jardim great challenges. Consider subjects such as livability, society, sustainability, eco-tourism and saving the Golden lion tamarins!

  • Get to know the basics of how to start a social project; how to become a social entrepreneur

  • Work on a relevant case. Opportunity to bring a change!

  • Coaching by our experienced facilitators in Design Thinking & Imagineering

  • Experience with a new way of learning and new things as; entrepreneurship, LEGO® serious play, empathy circles, prototyping and pitching.

  • A boost for your network and you will be part of a network of social entrepreneurs

No matter which background or study you have, as long you have the right motivation to make this world a better place. As long as you have the same thing in common as we have: you want to contribute to make Silva Jardim the best sustainable destination where every visitor wants to be.

So, is this something for you? Sign up for free and come to our meeting to get to know all details of this Innovation Games.

“I did not know I would achieve this. Especially the beginning was difficult, but thanks to the help of others we created Horta Inteligente and we plant the future together with the kids in our community”.
— Elisangela of Horta Inteligente

What the Innovation Games brought Elisangela of Horta Inteligente

One day, coming back from school, she watched a child amuse himself with a dog in a dump on of the alleys of the hill. It was a vision so striking that it aroused the desire to improve the space, so that the scene would never be repeated again. “This is not fun, but a lack of opportunities” - she thought. Moreover, having lived a childhood surrounded by nature, she wanted to take some action aimed at contact with the land, and attribute a real ecological awareness to children and young people. This is how she started with Horta Inteligente.

Through workshops such as in the Innovation Games and guidance and the opportunity to put everything they have learned into practice, the dream is about to become true.The work of Horta Inteligente has awakened, their hands have already transformed various environments. Such as plastic bottles and tires, were recycled into vases creating gardens that germinate rosemary and basil as well as flower beds.

Last but not least

This Innovation Games is organized by STUDIO.WHY and Breda University of Applied Sciences. Who are supported by several partners as:

Do you think of a challenge?

Each partner is free to define a challenge related to their own business. The participants of the Innovation Games will bring new perspectives on this challenge, that’s the power of the program; to work with externals outside the organisations with a fresh mindset.

The perfect way to make social impact!

Not sure or more questions? Contact Mariëtte, she is happy to help you.


Mariëtte Huizinga

+31 6 109 248 55

Mariëtte Huizinga

Innovation Games Brazil

SILVA JARDIM | 6-11 April 2019


Você gostaria de se desenvolver profissionalmente e fazer do mundo um lugar melhor?

Organizações e comunidade precisam de mais competências empreendedoras para dar conta dos desafios que o mundo de hoje apresenta.

Venha fazer parte do "innovation games" em Silva Jardim.  Serão cinco dias de jogos criativos e estratégicos para pensar e desenvolver idéias e práticas para serem implementadas em Silva Jardim.

Nós da empresa STUDIO.WHY e da Universidade de Breda da Holanda acreditamos no movimento sustentável de Silva Jardim e também no poder jovem para transformar situações. Estamos procurando jovens motivados que queiram investir em desenvolvimento profissional e em mudanças sustentáveis para Silva Jardim.


  • O Innovation games é um programa de imersão. Serão 5 dias de trabalho intenso na Fazenda dos Cordeiros.

  • Serão 20 jovens participantes com diferentes mentalidades e idéias.

  • 4 equipes se formarão para trabalhar em desafios que serão propostos.

  • Haverão também workshops, aulas e materiais criativos para o trabalho.

  • O local é inspirador e todos ficarão juntos os 5 dias - dia e noite.

Você pode se inscrever e participar de graça. O único pagamento é a sua motivação e energia em transformar Silva Jardim para melhor.

Image from iOS-4.jpg

O que você ganha com essa participação e envolvimento

  • Você irá aprender sobre como se tornar um empreendedor;

  • Você irá aprender como trabalhar com projetos sociais através do seu envolvimento em um desafio

  • Você terá a oportunidade de trazer mudanças para Silva Jardim.

  • Aprenderá sobre Design thinking

  • Terá a chance de criar algo novo para Silva JArdim e continuar o trabalho pós evento

Se você gostaria de contribuir para trazer sustentabilidade para Silva Jardim, tornando esta região um lugar saudável e produtivo para se morar e bom para se visitar então você é quem estamos procurando.


Mariëtte Huizinga

+31 6 109 248 55