Hey you!

Do you sometimes wonder what news is true and what news is fake?

Do you also worry about the huge impact media has on our lives, both now and in the future?

Are you zealous to contribute to youth media literacy in South Africa?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, then please join us during our Design Thinking Bootcamp, from 10th  to 12th October 2019. In this Bootcamp, we are going to collectively search for new solutions on how to value media aptly and how to distinguish between fake and reliable news, particularly for young people Free Press Unlimited is looking for creative, eager people like you, who want to contribute to press freedom and media literacy. It is free to join! You only pay with your input, commitment, knowledge and energy!



Social media networks are the primary channel through which young people source, produce and share news updates. Some studies indicate that up to 88 percent of young people primarily receive news through social media. It is therefore important that young social media users learn to judge the reliability of various sources of information.

The ultimate goal is to comprehend how young people understand information and distinguish between fake, false and reliable news by developing new digital media literacy tools.


Who are we looking for?

We believe in collective actions for a better world. Therefore, we are searching for a diverse group of fresh, young and open minded people, like you, who are motivated to develop novel, digital media literacy tools. 

If you have the right motivation to influence the media literacy of young South Africans, you are welcome, irrespective of your backgrounds of study and work!  


Why a Design Thinking Bootcamp?

There are entrepreneurial skills needed to tackle today’s  challenges, especially media challenges. 

In a Bootcamp, those essential entrepreneurial skills can be exploited. This will be achieved by our three-day Bootcamp, for which a special, challenging programme has been set up. In this Bootcamp we will innovate at a high speed, by using the "pressure-cooker" principle.

We have adopted a unique approach for this Bootcamp -, we will work in creative sessions, multidisciplinary-composed teams, professionally experienced guidance, a lot of energy and fun, and input derived from understanding conversations with experts and end users. With this unique amalgum, the result will be impact-creating media literacy tools for young people in South Africa.


What is a Design Thinking Bootcamp?

Well,  it’s something like this:  

  • Immersive program of 3 days from 10th to 12th October in the centre of Cape Town (definite location will be announced later).

  • With 20 other super motivated, entrepreneurial youngsters, all with different backgrounds, you will work on different challenges related to media.

  • You will be divided into 4 teams and each team will work on 1 media related challenge.

  • You will get masterclasses, workshops, new connections, energizers, materials, guidance.

  • A cool work spot, meals, an evening location to chill and a nice place to sleep.

  • Everything is for free, you only pay with your input, commitment, knowledge and energy!

Be part of the Design Thinking Bootcamp in Cape Town and join our media literacy movement!


What is in it for you?

Besides all those exciting benefits we just listed, there’s more in it for you! 

  • You will get to know the basics of how to start a social project; how to become a social entrepreneur.

  • You will work on a relevant case, and thereby get an opportunity to make an impact in your country!

  • You will get to work on the top media challenges South Africa is facing. Consider topics such as media awareness, media literacy and fake news.

  • An insight into innovative ways of approaching new topics, tools and skills such as; entrepreneurship, LEGO® serious play, empathy circles, prototyping and pitching.

  • A boost of your networking skills. You will also be part of a social entrepreneurs network in your own city!


Signing up

So, is this something for you? Are you available from 10th to 12th October 2019? Are you in to work hard, to have lots of fun, to learn a lot of new things and meet a bunch of new entrepreneurial people, like you? 

If yes, Great! Then please Sign up (for free as well) and come to our ‘get-to-know’ meeting on Saturday October 5th at Loop91, Cape Town.

In this ‘get-to-know’ meeting we will share all other details about the Bootcamp that you have to know. In addition, this meeting will be the first step in our selection procedure. Therefore presence in person is obligatory.

We are very happy to welcome you.


The video below is an aftermovie of one of STUDIO.WHY’s Bootcamps in the Netherlands. This one was also in collaboration with Free Press Unlimited.


Something is unclear or do you have more questions? Contact Mariëtte, she will be happy to help you!

Mariëtte Huizinga

+31 6 10 92 48 55

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This Design Thinking Bootcamp is organized by STUDIO.WHY and FREE PRESS UNLIMITED. We are supported by several partners as: