We are a community of unruly young creative entrepreneurs, challenging the way organizations should be managed.

Young minds with vision, young minds with passion, young minds with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Not just focused on the outcome but exploring contexts, valuing the process, experimenting and daring to fail.
Young Minds with courage, believing in possibilities and valuing multiple perspectives. Spirited to create sustainable economic and social systems.

Create cultures of innovation and train the leaders of the future.


An innovative organization is always on the move and challenges the status quo. The ability of an organization to innovate stands out with the organizational culture. In a permanent changing environment, the only innovation that sustains, is the innovation of culture:

An innovative culture that
[1] ensures recognizing opportunities,
[2] translates opportunities into value, and
[3] inspires and sparks people to establish this new born value.

That’s why STUDIO.WHY believes in empowering people and organizations to innovate their behavior and their culture, from 'operational excellence’ to ‘innovative excellence’. Through a balanced approach of creating innovation experiences, in-depth training and young energy, our professional trainers and facilitators guide people and organizations step-by-step through the unexplored fields of innovation.

The South African crew


For Organisations

d.Practice   You will apply and intensify your Dutch design thinking skills and competences in a 16-week real-world project.

Culture of Innovation Excellence

It's all about an entrepreneurial mindset!

Become a more innovative organization by developing innovational & entrepreneurial mindsets and competencies. The Dutch design.thinking mindset, process, tools and techniques empower your organization to collaboratively recognize & value market opportunities and inspire and activate people to accomplish this value with sustainable impact!

Find out how our in-company innovation expeditions, our management development programs and our training & workshops offer disruptive opportunities to change your corporate culture and at the same time generate new products & services for your on-going business.

Or hire one of our trainee teams of young innovative entrepreneurs and make them kickstart your change.

For Young Professionals

D.jobs   D.jobs is a unique opportunity to kickstart your career as a professional Dutch Design Thinker. During a traineeship as a business designer at STUDIO.WHY, you will be working on real design projects within a multidisciplinary team of designers.

DUTCH Design.school

Entrepreneurial behaviour powered by Design Thinking.

Our Dutch design.school offers training programs in Dutch design.thinking. Become a better version of yourself by developing your innovational & entrepreneurial mindset and competencies. The Dutch design.thinking mindset, process, tools and techniques empower you to collaboratively develop human-centred solutions to complex contemporary challenges.

With traineeships, internships and innovation games our Dutch design.school offers a unique opportunity to kick-start your career as a professional and entrepreneurial Design Thinker.