Are you available to make social impact?


Young projects is a social innovation and entrepreneurship program for ambitious young talents. You will be trained in innovative and entrepreneurial skills while get connected with inspiring leaders of your region at the same time.

The internship program is a three- or six-month program for young talents of any kind, who want to contribute to societal changes. During the program you will act on social challenges of both public and private organizations.

Once you are on board you will:

  • Help society by solving social challenges.

  • Develop your 21th century life skills.

  • Get inspired and connected to local leaders.

  • Be coached by professionals of your own age.

  • Collaborated with like minded students.


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Innovation is for many a struggle. Master yourself with knowledge of the proces, tools, mindset and culture of Dutch design.thinking and experience innovation in real-life projects.

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Creative leaders embrace change as a given while seeking opportunity everywhere. They envision desirable futures and unleashe the courage, collaboration and creativity of contributors.

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Personal entrepreneurship

Personal entrepreneurship™ is the realization of your endless potential.”The difference between sensing the potential for greatness and realizing it is usually a matter of awareness meeting engagement.

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Future themes & technology

Singularity, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision. The next few decades will tell the story of the rise of machine intelligence.